A mother’s mind is way too deep for one to understand. Its either you will think her silent nature is because of life problems or got her thinking capacity challenged to the extent of giving up. But hear this, no matter what, when she is silent she is thinking of how she will tend to her children’s needs. When she is busy, she is busy with the welfare of her kids. What occupies her mind is the tomorrow of her kids and the smile she is yet to see.

We derive a mother’s concept of how to put a smile on her kids’ face when we do our program. We farm today, we provide tomorrow. As every farmer is busy trying to catch up with the weather and the happenings of this year’s farming season, LIAM isn’t different. As a mother expecting to tend to more than 300 kids, our mind, hearts, and soul are all towards this year’s yields for that’s where our kids’ smiles will come from. So far the land has been tilled, maize planted and sprayed for weed control, all what we are waiting for is the rains. We never stop hoping for we hope for the better.

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