To see a Malawi where orphans and vulnerable children, widows and youth lives transform holistically.​


  • To assist orphans and vulnerable children complete their primary, secondary and tertiary education.
  • Provision of nutritious meals to all children in our programs through feeding program
  • To equip widows with entrepreneurship skills so that they are economically empowered.
  • To curb idleness among young people by providing career guidance, sports and recreation, entrepreneurship, technical and vocational skills


To eradicate ignorance among orphans and vulnerable children, alleviate poverty among widows and curb idleness among youth through biblical approach.


We focus on providing our beneficiaries with these needs
  • Physical needs e.g. Food and Clothing
  • Educational needs e.g. School uniforms, scholastic materials, tuition, etc.
  • Socio-economical needs e.g. Interaction through concrete relationships, professional skill acquisition, etc.
  • After school programs
  • Child sponsorship,
  • Self-sustainability
  • Feeding program


Holds a BA in mass communication obtained at African Bible college in 2011. He also has a Master of Arts degree in Sustainable development obtained from Northern Arizona University. He also worked as a global community coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Malawi​
Mr Phenious Chuma​
Holder of BA in biblical studies, obtained at African Bible university of Kampala, Uganda in 2013 and holds a Masters of Arts in Globe development and social justice, obtained at St John university in Rome in 2018. He is also a Sunday school teacher and Youth counselor
Mr Peter Zitande


Mr Andrew Nyengere​


Mrs Nancy Kalowa Mbewe​

Agricultural Officer

Miss Flora Mtengo

Communications Officer

Staff Volunteers

Maria Helms

Head teacher of after school program
Standard 3 Teacher

Arthur Banda

Deputy Head teacher of after school program
Standard 3 Teacher

Christina Mark

Standard 3 Teacher​

violet Lyson

Standard 3 Teacher​

Chancy Nkosi​

Standard 3 Teacher​

Beatrice Makanjira

Standard 4 Teacher​

Chifundo Mgadama

Standard 4 Teacher​

Hassan Austen

Standard 4 Teacher​

Charity Magombo

Standard 4 Teacher​

Salome Mpika

Standard 5 Teacher

Henry Chafukira

Standard 5 Teacher​

Chikondi Faluja Nthukwa

Standard 7 Teacher​

Austin Phiri

Standard 6 Teacher​

Samson Chuma

Standard 6 Teacher​

M`dala Ibrahim

Standard 7 Teacher​

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