Ever thought of Volunteering??

Get in touch with Love in action(LIAM). You can contact us for more information on this program or download our pdf file for more information.

These kids have different stories to tell, they have different dreams but there is one common thing in them; they have big dreams, and they need someone to help them in realizing them. LIAM through its “discover and make a profile” project have so far secured 3 girls sponsors. 

These girls do not only get basic needs support from their sponsors, but they have the chance to relate with them and tell them what their dreams are. For one to have a sponsor, a kid must be a beneficiary of the programs that LIAM offers. Get in touch with us to see children who need sponsorship. You can view their profiles, backgrounds, challenges etc.

Get involved with love in action by Volunteering. You can volunteer as a teacher or as mentor.

Volunteering exposes you to a whole new world of opportunities and at the same time helps you in honing your existing skills. It teaches you things that can’t be taught in classrooms. 

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