A step towards self-reliance among school going children

Could life be simple and easier if you entirely live on others? What of the responsibilities of the kids in a Malawian family? These are some of the things that roam around many minds if you want to know the exact source of why many people especially kids live in poverty. We depend entirely on our guardians. As such, we grow into it; we have made it our norm, take it or leave it. Self-reliance is a far-fetched wish in Malawi among the youth, but we are getting there.

Through many mentorship sessions our kids underwent ever since LIAM was established, it has been noted that some of the lessons learnt has started showing its fruit. All what LIAM wants is to see that the kids grow with the knowledge of self-reliance and live in it while passing it to their future generations.

The scholars in their various businesses

We are so pleased to use this platform to show off one of the fruit of the mentorship program through these young people.  Meet Patrick Lukas (sells Chips and meat), Pilirani Kafalirani (Bicycle transport), Alepher Chisale (sells doughnuts) and Catherine Banda and Dalitso Ziyaye (sells tomatoes and onion) young business gurus at Kaphatenga Bus stage. The three are in Form 3 at Mkwero Community Day Secondary School and beneficiaries of LIAM scholarship program while the two Catherine and Dalitso are in Standard 7 at Kaphatenga Primary School and also beneficiaries of LIAM afterschool and feeding programs. They are few of our visionary students who have their eyes on becoming substantial citizens of their communities. These young people come from diverse families in which the grown children fend for themselves.  With this, they have been busy making ends meet while on the other hand trying to excel in their academics. All this is to source funds for their wellbeing as well as those of their families.

Boosting their morale is a partial responsibility that LIAM has taken over the scholar’s self-reliance. LIAM is there to offer mental and social support. Fending for themselves while doing school isn’t easy and it requires dedication and determination and if we are to let them be on their own, it would be hard for them to focus and balance their time well. Could it be that you are one among those youth like Patrick, Alepher and Pilirani and you are either in the same level or have excelled, don’t let the fire down, kindle it and add more vitality into it, there is much more to it. You haven’t yet set your mind on this, and you are struggling, Join the band wagon and be a great citizen of your nation. Be encouraged with what these Secondary and Primary school students are doing in changing their own life and the life of others.

We have quite a number of kids in our programs that have the desire of doing something like this, but they are lacking the little capital that Patrick, Alepher, and Pilirani had. You might be one of those people who wish to see Malawian youth grow responsibly, don’t hesitate, contact us through the details given and you will surely change the mind-set of the generations to come. Self-reliance is possible among our youth, make it happen.

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