What Volunteering Has Done In My Life!

Today I am member of the UN Global Education First Youth Advocacy Group. Many young people have come across me to ask how I got to be in such an initiative. It has always been a pleasure for me to share my volunteer experiences because it is from these experiences that I was selected out of 500 applications to serve in this group.
It all started when I was in secondary school. I was engaged in student affairs as the president of UNESCO club, a school platform that brings students together to discuss school matters and the pressing and current issues concerning them.
After secondary school, I started volunteering within non-governmental organizations. It was in this moment that I began to understand a lot about community development. I was involved in projects and activities relating to peace, human rights, environment and HIV/AIDS. It was a great pleasure for me to contribute to the development of my community through volunteering because the impact was visible.

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